Do you, your group, or your organization wish to participate in a volunteer day at White River State Park? We offer a wide range of volunteer options whether you are an individual or a large group looking to make a difference in your community! We also offer community service for individuals looking to fulfill service hours.

Contact us today to find out which volunteer experience fits you best!

Join us for our spring Volunteer Days March 20th and April 10th focused on the beautification of White River State Park and the banks of the White River.

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  • Post-Event and Concert Cleanup
    • We host a number of large events and concerts every year that leave a footprint. Sign up to help pick up trash and repair grass following events.


  • Horticulture/Landscaping
    • Help with native plantings throughout the park or invasive species removal along the urban wilderness trail
  • Park Beautification
    • Remove graffiti, clean medians, aid in trash removal, and help clean up the White River
  • Create Your Own
    • Is there something that you’ve noticed in White River State Park that you want to help with? Feel free to contact us!


  • Do you need or are you looking to fulfill community service hours? We offer community service opportunities for individuals. You will work closely with the grounds crew!
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