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Large Spaces

  • Celebration Plaza
  • Celebration Plaza Amphitheatre
  • Historic Military Park at White River State Park
  • State Museum Lawn
  • Old Washington Street Bridge

Celebration Plaza
Celebration Plaza is the main grassy area in front of the NCAA Hall of Champions. It’s a hot spot for festivals, starting location for walks and runs, and site for large receptions. It can be rented with or without the adjoining amphitheater.

Celebration Plaza Amphitheatre
Located on the east bank of White River, Celebration Plaza Amphitheatre features slabs of limestone for seating up to 1,000 people. Tucked into a hillside, it features a waterfall into the river. It’s a surprisingly private space for weddings and concerts. The Indianapolis Shakespeare Company performs free plays here in the summer.

Historic Military Park at White River State Park
Once a Civil War encampment and training field, Military Park at White River State Park was the site of the first Indiana State Fair. The 16-acre green space is available for rental in full or by quadrant. The East quadrant includes an open-air covered shelter house.

State Museum Lawn
The vast green space in front of the Indiana State Museum is ideal for large tents and has been used for everything from tailgates and polo matches to company picnics and family reunions.

Old Washington Street Bridge
Once part of the Old National Road (US 40), the bridge is now for pedestrians only and features sculpture by Indiana artists. With walkways, grassy areas and unmatchable views, it’s a great spot for events. Place round tables along the bridge for an elegant corporate reception, or host a ceremony with theatre-style seating.

Smaller Spaces

  • Bison Plaza
  • Children’s Maze
  • Locust Grove
  • The Oval and Visitor’s Center Pavilion
  • Promenade Amphitheatre
  • Pumphouse Amphitheatre
  • Pumphouse Island
  • Waterfront Pavilion

Bison Plaza
Bison Plaza is a paved area at the west end of the Washington Street Bridge nestled up to the entrance of the River Promenade. It’s surrounded by seasonal foliage and works wells for receptions and meal events with up to 200 seated guests.

Children’s Maze
Large limestone blocks in a series of concentric circles create an interesting event space.

Locust Grove
Locust trees provide one of the few shady locations on the northeast end of the park.

The Oval and Visitor’s Center Pavilion
If you want to be in the center of it all, the Oval is for you. The oval-shaped greenspace and sidewalk is centrally located between the Park Visitor’s Center and historic Pumphouse. It can accommodate approximately 400 seated guests. The Visitors’ Center Back Pavilion, a convenient spot for catering when renting the Oval, can be added on for a fee.

Promenade Amphitheatre
Often used as a small-ceremony location for weddings or a viewing site for races, the Promenade Amphitheatre is located west of White River (just beyond the River Promenade). This area holds approximately 100 guests and is complete with terraced stonework to create your own elevated seating area.  Location has beautiful views of the river and the Indianapolis skyline.

Pumphouse Amphitheatre
Located behind the historic Pumphouse, this tiered location is perfect for presentations, movies or weddings. With the Pumphouse as your backdrop, this unique area can accommodate events for approximately 300 guests.

Pumphouse Island
Located in front of the historic Pumphouse, this lush greenspace and artistically designed hardscape is ideal for presentations, fitness training, picnics for up to 150 guests. It’s also a nice overflow space if you’re renting Celebration Plaza.

Waterfront Pavilion
Behind the Indianapolis Zoo on the west bank of the White River, the covered Waterfront Pavilion can accommodate up to 100 guests seated at long tables. Getting married? Have your ceremony on the open patio lookout directly below the pavilion. With a gorgeous view of the Park and downtown, this location is certain to be memorable.

Walk/Run Routes

White River State Park offers a variety of spaces appropriate for walks and runs. We host most of the biggest walk/run events in Indy. A few of the spaces are outlined here, but it’s best to contact Laura Dowling at 317-249-2712 or [email protected] to discuss your specific needs.

  • Cultural Trail and Canal Walk
  • Eastside Pathway
  • Old Washington Street Bridge
  • River Promenade
  • Waterfront Trail and EAST Walkway
  • Waterfront Trail and WEST Walkway

Cultural Trail and Canal Walk
The picturesque canal runs through the park from the White River to West Street and then north to 10th Street. White River State Park can help you book the portion of the canal from White River to West Street and direct you to additional contacts.

Old Washington Street Bridge
The expansive pedestrian-only bridge is perfect for charity walks and runs.

River Promenade
This half-mile paved walkway is located on the west bank of White River behind the Indianapolis Zoo. It’s lined with evergreens and 1,272 massive blocks of Indiana limestone. Carved into the stone is information about famous buildings around the country made of Indiana limestone, as well as a rose window made completely of limestone.

Waterfront Trail and EAST Walkway
The White River Waterfront Trail and EAST Walkway serve as an east side border of the Park along the White River and IUPUI to New York Street.

Waterfront Trail and WEST Walkway
The White River Waterfront Trail and WEST Walkway serve as a west side border of the Park along the White River and White River Parkway to New York Street.